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DeVerna Law is a premier full-service litigation firm that gives clients superior representation.


Mr. DeVerna is who you want representing you if you have been arrested, falsely accused or hurt. As a former felony prosecutor, he has spent countless hours inside of the courtroom.  He knows  the policies, procedures and methods used by New York City to develop their case.  He knows how the Assistant District Attorney has been taught to approach the case.  He knows He can put his experience and understanding to work for you.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in New York City, NY

When you need a quality criminal defense lawyer in New York City, NY, you can't go wrong by contacting DeVerna Law. We have professional attorneys who have helped thousands of clients just like you. Facing a criminal charge is stressful. It can also be incredibly expensive, especially if you are convicted of a crime. Whether you're facing a domestic charge or a DUI, it's important that you have a professional lawyer in your corner who can help you win your case. There are so many details to a case that deserve careful attention. It could be the tiniest detail that gets your case thrown out. But you'll need a lawyer who has the time and passion to review every detail of your case, and that's exactly what you'll get when you hire a criminal defense lawyer from DeVerna Law. Contact us today.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a criminal defense attorney who has served as prosecutor? This type of attorney would know the exact angles to approach your case from to ensure you get your charges dismissed, or in the least, get your charges reduced to the most favorable charges possible. You can when you hire a lawyer from DeVerna Law.


Facing a criminal charge is always something to take seriously. If you are convicted, the consequences can have lifelong effects. That's why you need an attorney in your corner from DeVerna Law. We will work your case from every angle possible, taking into account even the tiniest of details. Our goal is to get your charges dismissed, and if we can't, then we work to get you the most favorable outcome possible. Whether you're facing a robbery charge or a DWI, contact DeVerna Law today.

Sought After Criminal Defense Attorney

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