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  • "I've been in trouble before and have had a lot of lawyers but he is the first lawyer, I respect.  I have never had a lawyer like this before.  He did a great job for me.  I used the money to get a new apartment, buy some nice things, and to help my family.  I now give his card to anyone that needs help."  R.G. ($45,000 settlement with the NYPD achieved)

  • "From our first meeting our relationship took off.  I love that man.  If ever I have wrong done to me by the police, he is my first call.  He is very intelligent and extremely good at what he does." - S.W. ($85,000 settlement achieved pre-litigation).

  • He leverages his substantial experience and credibility ... to win​" -B.D. (Successful Defense in Assault Case)

  • "He represented me for a false arrest case and he couldn't have done a better job.  I was very happy with the outcome and I highly recommend him to anyone.." - S.D. ($25,000 settlement achieved in false arrest case).

  • "A  life saver." -Q.J. (Successful Defense in Cocaine Transporting Case)

  • "I was being accused of committing a horrible action. Fixing serious repercussions. But when Mr John Paul DeVerna took my case, he assured me things would be alright. And they where. NOT GUILTY ON THE FALSE CHARGE. I have not felt that level of relief in a long time. Mr. DeVerna faced down the D.A. and we won. You won't find a better lawyer anywhere. If you are having legal troubles, give him a call and sleep easy that night.​" - Anonymous (Cleared in Criminal Assault Case After Trial)

  • "Like our own guardian angel."  -C.B. (Successful Defense Attempted Murder Case)

  • "Really felt safe working with Mr. DeVerna. Ace of aces. You won’t regret it." S.L. (Successful Defense in DWI Case)

  • "Great Job, thanks a lot."  -C.C. (Successful Defense Assault Case)

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