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Today, a grown man cried to me...

Today, a grown man cried to me.  He shed joyful tears; thankful that after 22 years he no longer has to live in the shadows for a mistake he made a lifetime ago.  Back then, facing serious felony charges, he made the fateful decision not to return to court.  Thereafter, a warrant was issued for his arrest and he became a wanted man. He had to live off the grid so he taught himself to work with his hands becoming a skilled craftsman.  While living in the shadows, he still managed to find a girl and they fell in love.  They raised two kids together.  Despite building a life for himself, he had the feeling of always being followed and was constantly in fear of being taken from his family. When

Take this quiz to find out if you can sue for false arrest

Every moment the police take away your freedom may later be worth money ($$$$) in civil court under a false arrest claim. I have developed a simple two question quiz to test if someone may have a viable false arrest claim... THE TWO QUESTION FALSE ARREST QUIZ: (1) Were you arrested within the last three years? YES or NO (2) Was your case resolved with an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD), Dismissal, or Decline to Prosecute (DP)? YES or NO If you answered YES to these two questions, you should contact DeVerna Law right away for a free case evaluation; our team of lawyers have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of our clients for police misconduct. Remember: If


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